Mix Vibe Records is free to join.

We retains a 40% administrative fee for earnings that accrue from claims made with tracks you have uploaded to our platform.

We offering free online music release Service. “Mix Vibe Records” is more inclined towards high quality music rather than quantity. We are here to promote only top-notch music, “providing artists with immense opportunities rather than just propagating our own brand name” being our sole motto, through our official site, we will be delivering the best Service for DJs & Producers.

We promote just about everything, We Are Releasing The Quality Mixes With Huge Amount Of Categories Like As Mashups ,Podcasts , Nonstops , Singles , Folks , Devotionals , Pop , Hip Hop Remixes,Instrumentals , International Remixes , Punjabi Remixes , Hindi Remixes , English Remixes & So More To Afford All Of Our Fans & Online Visitors Of Mix Vibe Records To Get The Real Touch Of Remix Music With The True & Easy Path To Get Exact Tunes They Wanna Listen With Love , Desire & Dance With Exclusive Tunes Of Dj's.

No, We will not accept already published Tracks from another Websites/Another Platforms.

1. You need to submit your Music/Mixes with using our Uploading Section.

2. Add release & track metadata for review process in » Add Release

3. Track will be Release only after we reviewing it.

4. After review [ Approve/Not ]

5. If we approved ones, you are eligible for join as an our Record Label Artist.

6. Fill our Join Application form & Submit.

7. Done !

We are giving free profile for our artists. // artists.mixviberecords.com

No need any signin required for profile creation

Just send your Bio details, 1 Image for Profile & Social Links to profile@mixviberecords.com

Done !

Just send your updated details to profile@mixviberecords.com

Use tag in Subject : Profile Update

Done !

Yes, We are only giving copyrights for your ORIGINAL TRACKS.

Its Managing by our YouTube Content ID Team

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We release Original Music in our all Streaming Platforms & also give Copyrights.

We do not accept "other artists created samples" in your original music. All music must be original, no samples, loops, or remakes, since this causes many error matches in our copyright system.

We claim and monetize your music in videos on YouTube, Facebook*, Instagram* and more**.

If anyone upload your original music in any social platform, As soon as they get a claim.

Its Managing by our YouTube Content ID Team

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You must be the exclusive copyright holder (or exclusive administrator of YouTube monetization rights) to the music in the files that you upload to Mix Vibe Records. Sound recordings submitted should be original, unique, and distinct, and must not contain any open or unlicensed samples, sound effects, sound bites, beats, royalty-free music, or the like.

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We operate on a 60%/40% split--we pay you 60% of the revenue we collect.

NOTE : If no one upload copies of your musics on YouTube, We can't make revenue.

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Both streams and downloads currently have a bitrate of 320 kbps whereas many other services only offer 128 kbps.

We will Accept only :

Mp3 format 320 kbps for Remixes

Wav format 16 bit for ORIGINAL TRACKS

We are also working on adding a feature that will allow uploaders to make lossless versions of their tracks available for download as well.

If your question isn't listed above, please feel free to contact us at support@mixviberecords.com Our representatives will contact you within 2-3 business days!