Content ID is YouTube’s system for ensuring you receive payment for people using your music in videos they upload to YouTube. Once your beat has been uploaded and begins to be monetized (become available to earn revenue), YouTube’s automated system will match any videos containing your audio – whether it’s the entire instrumental or only a few seconds – and you will be able to earn money through ads that are displayed in/alongside that video.

  • If your track is accepted for release, We will submit your music to our Content ID Managing Team.
  • They will review your track for any exited matching content found/not in your music on YouTube.
  • Once approved, Your music will be active live on YouTube Content Id System. otherwise we will reject your track. because it will make error in our Content ID System.
  • Copyrights is only for your ORIGINAL TRACKS.
  • We claim and monetize your music in videos on YouTube, Facebook*, Instagram*
  • If anyone upload your original music in any social platform, As soon as they get a claim & Ads will be shown in their videos.
  • We can earn revenue from that claimed Videos.
Mix Vibe Records is free to Join, We retains 40% administrative fee for earnings that accrue from claims made with tracks you have uploaded to our platform.
If no one upload copies of your musics on YouTube, We can't make revenue.

Content is eligible for uploading to Mix Vibe Records / YouTube Content ID?
You must be the exclusive copyright holder (or exclusive administrator of YouTube monetization rights) to the music in the files that you upload to Mix Vibe Records. Sound recordings submitted should be original, unique, and distinct, and must not contain any open or unlicensed samples, sound effects, sound bites, beats, royalty-free music, or the like.

What is the profit share percentage?
We operate on a 60%/40% split--we pay you 60% of the revenue we collect.