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Welcome to the Mix Vibe Records demo submission system. Below you can submit your unsigned production.

We can release & copyright your music on more stores & Platforms.

Submissions Term & Conditions

– We don't accept bootlegs, mash-ups or promos.

– Do not submit your track more than once.

– You have to offer your demo exclusively to Mix Vibe Records only, not to other labels.

About Music Submission

Please only use this form to send us unreleased material for Mix Vibe Records.

Device Location Required

Please enable & allow access to location on your device.
Currently Mix Vibe Records doesn't accept demos from some countries. So we need to know which country from you.

* Once the submission is received, It will be sent to our music approval team and you will be notified when we have reviewed your submission.

* We may need a little more time to process your reviews. Don’t worry— Contact us & inform about your submission. We will speedup your process.

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